Assalaamu Alaikum!
May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon you!

As Eid al-Adha and the Hajj season approaches, we share the story of our beloved Prophet Ibrahim, may Allah (SWT) be pleased with him!

 Ismail told his father “Do as you are commended,” when Ibrahim told his son he had a frightening dream.


He dreamt that Allah (SWT) commanded he sacrifice his beloved son! Ismail was a good son and a believer. He supported his father to obey Allah’s command, however difficult.


And they passed their Creator’s difficult test! Indeed our Lord is Most Merciful! Just when they were about to give up what they loved the most – each other – Allah replaced Ismail with a majestic Ram!


This is what we commemorate on Eid al-Adha when we sacrifice an animal and share meat with the poor.

Have you secured Qurbani-Udhiyah on behalf of your family yet?

What if you knew you could send Qurbani-Udihyah meat to your brothers, sisters and their families in dire need — to remote areas and conflict zones in Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, and more? Muslim Aid USA makes it possible!

On Eid al-Adha, and throughout the entire month, Muslim Aid USA is delivering Qurbani-Udhiyah meat to families in need on your behalf!

With each Qurbani-Udhiyah donation, you send enough 100% halal meat to feed a family of up to 6 people.

The Muslim Aid family has distributed 100% Halal, Qurbani-Udhiyah meat for donors like you for 31 years. Working with local offices around the world, we have a clean and transparent process for purchasing and preparing meat in the communities where it’s distributed to families in need.

Our promise to you is that healthy Qurbani-Udhiyah meat is delivered for you, in the prescribed amount, according to Islamic principles to brothers and sisters around the world who need it most.

Muslim Aid USA

It is a simple program, but one many children in need look forward to all year long! And the practice is encouraged in the Qur’an and in our Sunnah:

In Surah al Hajj, Allah says:

“That they may witness benefits for themselves and mention the name of Allah on known days over what He has provided for them of cattle. So eat of them and feed the poor.”


It is an act of worship that is also meant to help alleviate hunger in our society, subhan’Allah!

Please review the enclosed brochure and give generously. We have many safe ways to give your Qurbani-Udhiyah donation in 2018. And if you have any questions, please contact us. We’re here to help you celebrate Eid in the way Allah (SWT) intended and in the service of Mankind for Allah’s sake.

May your Eid and Hajj season be joyous and enlightened. May your hearts be full of the love and guidance of Allah (SWT) and may He accept your donations and your good deeds that you may enter Paradise with ease.