Bangladesh - Myanmar

Flash flooding and abnormally heavy rainfall are bringing fresh disaster to thousands of Rohingya in Bangladesh and Myanmar, as well as causing devastation in Sylhet, Moulvibazar and neighbouring areas.

Over one million refugees are situated on the Bangladesh and Myanmar borders, having fled unimaginable violence and conflict, seeking shelter in the world’s biggest refugee camps.

Lives and shelters destroyed in Cox’s Bazaar.

In the last few weeks, the monsoon season has begun, wreaking havoc within the camps and damaging thousands of make-shift homes.

Over 5,000 temporary shelters have collapsed or been washed away, placing over 30,000 vulnerable people in immediate danger. So far, five lives have been claimed – these figures will rise as the rain continues to fall.

It is expected that the monsoon season will continue until July and the threat of landslides and spread of disease will only get worse.

Over 200,000 people are at immediate risk of losing their lives and homes.

We need you to act now. Donate today to save lives.

Monsoon floods in Myanmar.

Inside Myanmar, almost 2,500 homes damaged or destroyed, and 4500 people have been evacuated.

Muslim Aid USA is one of the very few registered charities on the ground. Our team is coordinating with local partners to deliver emergency aid, essential food, shelter and medical supplies to refugees across Myanmar.

We are also helping victims of the tragic floods in other parts of Bangladesh, including many areas of Sylhet and Moulvibazar.

Your donation can help us save lives and protect vulnerable refugees.

Could provide a family with food for a whole month.
Could provide vital medical kits to those most affected.
Could provide much-needed shelter for a family.

Save the people of Bangladesh and Myanmar.

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