Mushroom farmers working on mushroom cultivation project under Muslim Aid Indonesia’s guide, in Tete Batu village, East Timor Sub-district of West Nusa Tenggara, is currently harvesting oyster mushrooms. Each day these farmers can harvest at least tens of kilograms of oyster mushrooms.

Muslim Aid IMICROFINANCE IN INDONESIAndonesia started training the farmers of Tete Batu village in East Lambook, a province of West Nusa Tenggara, for mushroom cultivation in January 2015.

The project was initiated because approximately 224,692 people in East Lambook live under the poverty line. In addition to mitigate poverty, the project also aimed at introducing people to climate change and disaster risk reduction adaptation in their region.

The mushroom farmers in the Tete Batu village are now harvesting at least 10 kilograms of oyster mushroom every day. The harvesting process will continue for three more months and some of the profit earned will be reserved for the next cycle for cultivation.

Muslim Aid Indonesia is now in the process of training 90 farmers to prepare the mushrooms to be a ready-to-eat product. The farmers will be learn techniques to refine mushrooms into edible products such as mushroom satay, steamed mushroom, crispy mushroom, mushroom chips, etc.

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