Frequently Asked Questions

Why make a Will?

    • Making a Will ensures you will be fulfilling an Islamic obligation.
    • You can reduce the amount of tax your successors will pay on your estate.
    • It removes any doubt towards who you want your estate or money to go to, avoiding potential disputes between relatives.
    • You can be assured that your savings and possessions will go to the people and causes you care about most.
    • A charitable bequeath will count as Sadaqah Jariyah.

Who can make a will?
Anyone of any age can write a Will but, of course, it will not come into effect until their departure. Islam teaches a Muslim to not let two nights pass without writing his Will. It is therefore a duty upon every Muslim to have a will.

Who does my legacy go to and can I choose a project or beneficiary?
Muslim Aid will ensure your legacy reaches people in the countries where the Need is Greatest. However, if you wish your legacy to go to a particular project we will endeavour to accommodate your needs.

Why leave a legacy to Muslim Aid?
Working for over 26 years, Muslim Aid covers a wide spectrum of development programmes that aim to alleviate the struggles of the world’s poorest people. Whether it’s building a well to allow a whole village access to clean water or constructing shelter to protect thousands left distressed after a natural disaster, rest assured your gift will be a source of ongoing rewards.

How do I leave a legacy to Muslim Aid in my Will?
It’s simple. All you have to do is fill in the Will template on our website and return it to us.

What are Muslim Aid’s accountability and transparency measures?
Muslim Aid is accountable for its actions to its donors, beneficiaries and the public at large within the prescribed rules, procedures and processes. In addition to this, since we are a faith based charity our first and foremost accountability is to Allah Almighty.

Muslim Aid adheres to an accountability framework which includes the values of compassion and sensitivity to people’s needs and condition, development and economic empowerment to realize their potential. It seeks to provide justice for all, promotion and awareness of the rights of people and treating them with the respect they deserve regardless of their faith or ethnic background, and accountability both for our own actions and those of our partners. As a member of the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP) we adhere to the humanitarian accountability measures outlined in the HAP standard. This means we ensure transparency through effective communication and are accountable to our beneficiaries and donors.

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