Assalaamu Alaikum! Peace be upon you!

At 5:57 a.m. on Sunday morning, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Lombok, Indonesia! It’s reported today that at least 82 are dead, thousands of buildings are damaged and power cuts are widespread. Many people are injured and in shock, with hospital staff treating people in the streets of Mataram, the main city.
Violent tremors were even felt on the neighboring island of Bali, video footage showed people running from their homes screaming.

URGENT: CLICK HERE to send emergency aid to brothers and sisters in Indonesia!

A powerful earthquake like this one devastates infrastructure in poorly built areas! Subhan’Allah! An earthquake such as this one will reduce weak buildings and homes to rubble in an instant, burying many inside and crushing everything that families own!

Muslim Aid is on the ground in Indonesia, delivering vital supplies to survivors!

Muslim Aid immediately arrived to the hardest hit locations of the earthquake and we have been carrying out emergency distributions for survivors including:

  • Tarps
  • Blankets
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Diapers
  • Nutritious biscuits
  • Noodles
  • And fresh, clean water

With the immediate help of generous donors like you, we’ve helped 200 households. These are brothers and sisters who need our help, just days before Hajj season!
Please, in circumstances like this, we must act right away. Every moment we wait seems like hours to brothers and sisters who may have lost everything, even loved ones after a natural disaster like this one.
We’re continuing to deliver aid on your behalf as recovery and search efforts ramp up with local authorities and organizations.

Please, give generously so that we may give survivors in Indonesia a fighting chance in the difficult days ahead!

Yes! I want to send a gift to help my brothers and sisters in Indonesia!
We will keep you updated on Muslim Aid project developments as they are reported.
Pray for families in Indonesia this evening. Pray that they may be protected and that we may reach our brothers and sisters swiftly. Ameen.
Jazak’Allah Khair!