A continued request to help those in need

Now more than eight years in to the conflict, the people of Syria have suffered unspeakable horrors, tragedy and trauma.

Over half the population in Idlib, north-western Syria, are displaced people who have fled the violence and lost everything. Approximately 3 million people live in the area and are completely dependent upon humanitarian aid.

The situation in Idlib has escalated in recent days, with increased tensions placing hundreds of thousands of people at risk of injury, displacement or death.

We need your continued support.

Muslim Aid have been working on the ground in Syria for many years with our dedicated local partners. Our healthcare clinics and prosthetic limb clinics have been changing and saving lives – all thanks to you.

With the increasingly fragile situation, we are upscaling our provision to the people of Syria to protect them from further heartache.

We need you to help us provide this vital help.

Are you with us?

Help us to continue to deliver:

We are ready to respond and increase our existing operations to help those in need.

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