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Greenhouse Production – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Income Generating Activities- Bosnia and Herzegovina​

Income Generating Activities- Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The beneficiaries applied the greenhouse project in municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo. After process of beneficiary selection Edin attended training in the field of greenhouse production.



A couple days after education process, Edin received new greenhouse with irrigation system and seedlings. Then he started growing vegetables.

Six months after he received a greenhouse. MA had visited him and his family and found Edin produce the salad, onion and sweet potato. Edins says that the greenhouse has changed their lives. Now they always have the fresh vegetables and the surplus of vegetables they are selling to the local market. They are very thankful for greenhouse and they have only the best words for whole greenhouse project implemented by Muslim Aid.


In the spring crop season Nadija and her family produced tomato and pepper in greenhouse and earned by now about 800 KM. They sold the products on the market and on the doorstep. When we did this field visit Nadija was not at home.

Nadija`s mother told us that she is very grateful for this donation and emphases that this donation is very useful for young families who live in rural areas. She hopes that this kind of donation continue in the future.


Željko Knežević​

Željko points out that the training gave him good starting point in area of plants production in greenhouse. After that, Željko received new greenhouse with all equipment and seedlings for fall crop.
At the moment when we did this monitoring visit Željko growing salad, onion and spinach. His wife told that most of this vegetables product they will use for feeding his family. Surplus of the production they will sell on the local market.

Munib Oric​

At the future period, Munib plans to continue with his greenhouse production. Munib says that he and his family are more that satisfied with whole greenhouse project.

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