This Winter, Don’t let the frost bite!

The past few winters, people have suffered in places like Syria, Yemen, Pakistan and Bangladesh, to name a few. Many are on the brink of survival, others are innocent victims of war and conflict. These are our brothers and sisters with vulnerable families.

Every year we at Muslim Aid do something about it. We cannot simply stand by. Its not in our nature.

Last year, Muslim Aid donors helped over 30,000 beneficiaries. We provided blankets, fuel heaters, warm clothing for children and adults, blankets and bedding.

This year we want to do more – help us in our emergency response to the vulnerable around the world.

‘And whoever saves a life, it is as if they have saved the whole of humanity’

(Quranic Verse 5.32)

This winter donate and help us stop the frostbite! 

Your team at Muslim Aid USA