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Feed the Fasting

Feed the Fasting

As Ramadan 2020 swiftly approaches, approximately 54% of Afghanistan’s population remains below the poverty line. More than a third of the nation’s entire population, a whopping 12.5 million individuals, are estimated to be severely food insecure. While many of us have the means to enjoy this holy month in the knowledge that our fast will end with the setting of the sun, these vulnerable communities are unable to afford items of even basic nutritional value.

Muslim Aid USA, in partnership with Heal the Children’s Future Organization, will distribute food packages to 50 families across multiple locations within Afghanistan. In order to discern those with the highest need, factors such as income size and living conditions will be taken into account. Families with orphaned children and those with female head-of-households will naturally be given priority. Specifically, these families will receive food packages containing flour, rice, cooking oil, sugar, beans, lentils, green tea, black tea, dates, and other integral food items. This project will take place across the entire month of Ramadan and will aid a total of 250 beneficiaries, approximately 50 families of five individuals each.

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