Who is Muslim Aid?
“ And whosoever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all of mankind.[Qur’an 5:32].

Muslim Aid is an international relief and development agency with its roots in the humanitarian teachings of Islam. Our mission is to tackle poverty by developing innovative and sustainable solutions enabling communities to live in dignity and independence.

While responding to emergencies are our major priorities, we also work on strategic programmes to eliminate poverty that focus upon: education, skills training, provision of clean water, healthcare and income generation projects. These projects ensure individuals have access to basic necessities and gain the skills necessary to generate an income and live independently.

Where do you work?
We work in over 70 countries across the world and have 17 field offices based in Bangladesh, Bosnia, Cambodia, India, Gambia, Iraq, Indonesia, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Myanmar. We have two regional coordination offices in Jordan and Kenya.

Who do we work with?
Muslim Aid has developed a world-wide network, embracing both local and international humanitarian organisations. Together with these partner organisations we are providing emergency relief and poverty eradication assistance to those in need. By implementing projects through partners or in co-ordination with our field offices we are developing the capacity and ability of local people to help their own communities and reaching those in need.

Do you only help Muslim people in the USA, UK and abroad?
No, we work to help all, regardless of race, religion or gender. Although we work in countries with a large Muslim population, these are countries that are affected by conflict and natural disasters. We strive to work where the need is greatest. In the UK we have a ‘Winter Campaign’ that supports the elderly and vulnerable people from various backgrounds by distributing warm resources and food at local soup kitchens. In addition, we are signatories to the Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement which sets out non-discriminatory guidelines.  In the USA we partner with local charities to help needy Americas.

How does Muslim Aid raise their funds? How are they spent?
Our funding comes from institutions such as the Department of International Development (DIFD), The World Bank and generous donations from our supporters. Thanks to these funds, we can work effectively and spend a small part of our income on running costs. These costs include staffing, equipment and transport, to ensure immediate responses during emergencies as well as providing food and assistance to those in need. Muslim Aid is accountable to its supporters and to those who look to us for support. It is important to keep costs at a minimum so that most money is spent effectively on those in need and adheres to our ethos of treating everyone with dignity. You can find more information about Muslim Aid’s funding and expenditure from our Annual Review.

What differentiates Muslim Aid from other charities?
Muslim Aid views charity though Islamic teachings as a duty. Muslim Aid also ensures that development initiatives come from ground level so that local people are engaged in the planning, implementing and evaluation of each project. This keeps the projects socio-economically relevant and takes into consideration cultural sensitivities.

Muslim Aid takes a holistic approach when working in the field. When implementing projects such as building houses for a community, Muslim Aid will also implement skills training and income-generating program to ensure that the community can earn a living and become self-sufficient and thrive. One of the ways we encourage this is through our microfinance program which is Interest-free.

How does Muslim Aid choose its corporate partners?
Our partners who apply for funding must fill in a pre-qualification questionnaire; this is a legal requirement. The questionnaire requests detailed information about the organisation and details of the project. They must provide two credible references, financial details, a valid registration certificate and bank details. They must adhere to Muslim Aid’s procurement, equal opportunities, child and vulnerable adults, health and safety policy.

All our partners are then monitored through a financial aid project report, which can continue for 3-6 months. Muslim Aid takes any breach in their partnership agreements very seriously. If an organisation is seen to be misusing Muslim Aid’s funds and resources, Muslim Aid will cease working with them immediately. We value the support of our donors and every effort is made to ensure that every penny you donate goes to those who need it the most.

What are Muslim Aid’s accountability and transparency measures?
As we are a faith based charity our primary accountability is to Allah, the Almighty.  Muslim Aid is accountable for its actions to its donors, beneficiaries and the public at large within the prescribed rules, procedures and processes.

Muslim Aid adheres to an accountability framework and seeks to provide justice for all, promotion and awareness of the rights of people and treating them with the respect they deserve regardless of their faith or ethnic background, and accountability both for our own actions and those of our partners.

As a member of the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP) we adhere to the humanitarian accountability measures outlined in the HAP standard. This means we ensure transparency through effective communication and are accountable to our beneficiaries and donors.

How can I get involved?
There are so many ways to get involved, from hiking and raising awareness to fundraising for our events.  We regularly update our website to advertise any vacancies.  To volunteer CLICK HERE

Volunteering is a great way to develop your skills as well as supporting our fight against poverty. Please go to our volunteers section for more information.

If I give you my details/sign up for emails, how do I know you won’t bombard me with emails/junk mail?
Muslim Aid only contacts those who have shown support for us and have not stated that they do not wish to hear from us. Also under the Data Protection Act, anyone we contact must have given their permission to be contacted by us for causes they have shown an interest in. If you don’t wish to be contacted by us, please feel free to let us know.

Muslim Aid’s Logo
Muslim Aid’s logo reflects our humble intention to serve God by “serving humanity”.

People, of course, remain at the heart of our effort to save lives, alleviate suffering and to combat abject poverty and injustice. It is humanity that we are seeking to reach out to, regardless of race, religion, nationality or gender.

The drop of water that is at the center of Muslim Aid’s logo symbolizes life, underscored by the crescent to emphasize the fact that we are driven by the humanitarian spirit of Islam. The green colour represents hope and joy and in many Muslim cultures is associated with Islam.

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