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Child Sponsorship

You can help as many children as you are able get their basic needs met, including food, clothing, school supplies and healthcare.

When you reach out to a child in need through Muslim Aid USA child sponsorship, you’ll give a child the chance to reach for the skies and grow to their full potential.

For just $45/month or $540/year, every child you sponsor gets the care they need:

  • Education: School fees, uniforms, learning materials, transport and any other educational needs
  • Emotional support and mentoring: Mentoring is provided to increase self-esteem, provide encouragement and build a positive attitude towards education
  • Child protection: Access to child protection systems that ensure children are safe to live and grow, with no fear of harm or abuse

Depending on the child’s needs, donations can also provide:

  • Food and clothing
  • Medical care

Sponsor a child today with Muslim Aid USA and help us to serve those children in need.