There are 262 million children around the world who can’t go to school. Many of these kids are refugees or come from families in extreme poverty.
In Bosnia, Around 128.000 children go to bed hungry and around 100.000 children live in a hostile family situation.

When we hear about Bosnia most of us picture a Sarajevo the capital as a thriving European city, however, Bosnia has never fully recovered from the brutal war.

Here are some facts about poverty in Bosnia.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small country with a population of only 3.8 million people. Despite its small size, about 18.56 percent, or 640,000 people, live in absolute poverty in Bosnia. And nearly one-fifth of the population are already in poverty, approximately 50 percent of the country is vulnerable to becoming poor. This vulnerability is largely due to factors including lack of education, economic opportunity, and recovery after the war.

In rural areas, 19 percent of the l citizens live in poverty while the poverty rate in urban areas is only 9 percent. Despite higher poverty rates and lower wages in rural areas, 60 percent of people continue to live in rural areas. This is largely due to the “agricultural safety net” of higher social protection payments, a healthier environment, and more overall job security than in urban cities., The unemployment rate in Bosnia is still alarmingly high with almost a third of working-class citizens unemployed. Youth unemployment is even higher, ranking first in the world with 62.3 percent of youth ages 15-24 unemployed.

Bosnia’s war left almost one million people displaced after it ended in 1995. The country went from having a population of 4.3 million in 1990 to an estimated population of 3.8 million in 2018. Even 15 years after the end of the war, approximately 115,000 people were internally displaced. The number of internally displaced people, or IDPs, has decreased to 99,000 people in 2017 along with about 18,000 refugees in the country.

Muslim Aid USA Projects:

Thank to our generous donors we have been able to fund the Molly’s Mobile Library in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

This initiative was developed to help improve the ability to learn and reduce social disparities. Currently, the library visits 30 schools every 3-4 weeks in the rural areas. Children and teachers are able to borrow books and have access to educational films, cartoons, and documentaries.

Next week we are preparing to provide Orphan and other needy children with back to school supplies for the next six months. We need your support today!

60 underprivileged children will receive vouchers worth 100 KM/55 dollars that will be used for purchasing of school supplies that will help them through 2019/20 school year. Muslim Aid team will organize transport for the children who live in remote areas. The purchase will be organized during the weekend, Muslim Aid staff and children’s family will be there to assist them during their purchase and make sure they are safe. Vouchers and the direct purchase will enable children to select what they really need and want, which most of them were never able to do, also vouchers instead of prepared packages dignify the whole process of donating and gives the underprivileged children the sense of equality and importance.


Let our love for Allah (SWT) guide us to make a difference together.