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Afghanistan Flood Emergency

Afghanistan Flood Emergency

Afghanistan’s monsoon season has a deadly start as it brings in flash floods throughout the northern and western parts of the country.
As of August 27, more than 150 people have been killed and 200 injured due to floods in several provinces of Afghanistan. Media reports confirm that the floods have done major damage to houses; many are now destroyed in Parwan, Kapisa, Maidan Wardak and Kabul provinces of Afghanistan. There have been reports of numerous people are missing, including children, in these areas. The flash floods affected other parts of the country such as Logar and Nuristan. But a final count of casualties has not been reported yet.
A rescue mission is still underway, and local officials are expressing an immediate need for help for those who have been affected.
Your donation can help change or even save a life.

• For just $60, you can help feel a family of 4 for an entire month.

• For $300, you can help feed a family of 4 for a month, and also provide basic cooking utensils for cooking.

• For $1000, can help provide a shelter to the family (note: house repair only)

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